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Here I would like to briefly explain the course of our cooperation and how a hypnosis session actually works.

1. trial interview

The trial interview is a good way to get an idea of the cooperation, to get to know me and to answer your most important questions. It usually takes 15-20 minutes, takes place online via Zoom and is free of charge and non-binding. You can briefly describe your concern to me and I can explain to you how the whole thing will work. Of course, the trial session is optional - you can also start therapy straight away (the waiting time is of course shorter if you start straight away, unless you book the trial session and the follow-up appointment straight away)

2. Preliminary talk and anamnesis

After the trial session, we meet for either the shorter "First Hypnosis Session" or the comprehensive "All-in-One Session". There is a comprehensive preliminary talk at both sessions, where we set our goals (and possible limits) and where we consider together what it should be like after the hypnosis. What result are you hoping for? We will briefly discuss your background and life story, clarify any open questions about hypnosis and I will explain the exact procedure to you. You can also choose a fine aromatic oil, which we use as a scent anchor in the session and which you can then take home.

3. Initiation/Elicitation of hypnosis

About 5-8 minutes. Your session starts with a pleasant journey of relaxation. Both body and mind can relax and the desired trance depth occurs very gently. This part of the hypnosis takes place suggestively, i.e. only I speak and you can relax completely.

4. Actual hypnotherapy

Approx. 30-75 minutes, depending on the topic and intensity. Here we work intensively on your topic. In the shorter session, we stay on the surface from a thematic point of view and get to know hypnosis first. In the all-in-one session we go straight to the source and dissolve.

5. Dissolving the hypnosis

6. Debriefing

We take the time to process the experience, to come back to the moment and to get a little feedback. You are welcome to ask any questions that are still open and I will inform you about the further course - for example, whether there is homework or whether a follow-up session is needed.

Time goes by quickly, so the 2-2.5 hours of the all-in-one session are over in no time. I strive for us to be able to resolve your issue in this one session, but of course one cannot promise that and it may well be that one or more follow-up sessions are required. Normally, however, if the client goes deep into hypnosis and the session was intense, there should not be a need for a second appointment for the same topic.

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